Go green with recycling..
Green Recycling Center brings a high standard of excellence and experience to the field of Industrial Plastic and Metal Recycling. We specialize in the purchasing of industrial metal and plastic scraps for both industrial and consumer needs. It is our goal to be “The Choice” for your industrial plastic scrap and plastic recycling needs. We are committed to providing competitive pricing and outstanding customer service.
We provide recycling programs for some of the largest companies in the United States. Our goal is to create win-win relationships in which we will continue to expand the uses and value of your byproduct materials while at the same time reducing your waste stream and the associated costs for waste collection and removal. We will help you to get as close as possible to being a zero-waste facility.
Our core value is to provide recycling and waste diversion for large-scale commercial and industrial manufacturing companies accross the globe. Green Recycling understands that as a recycling partner we can contribute to the overall success and sustainable image of your business by providing world-class service to enhance your recycling and waste programs.
Green Recycling Center will be a leader in the collection, processing and marketing of recyclable materials and managing of solid waste in Texas, United States through innovative material recovery. We will measure our success not by how many customers we serve, but by how we serve our customers - we will strive to meet or exceed the expectations of each customer.
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