Go green with recycling..
Green Recycling Center is the only recycling company that will walk you through the process of becoming a greener business. Our team of experts will schedule a waste audit that helps in identifying the percentage of material that is true waste and the material that could be recycled. Following the audit, they will suggest what type of service best suits your business.
GRC doesn't stop there - our experts will help to educate your employees and janitorial staff on the proper way to recycle. If your goal is to become a Zero Waste Business then we will provide diversion reports that will show your progress towards achieving your goal.
Custom Grinding
Our complete line of grinders and shredders can handle all kinds of jobs as required. Please contact us for a quote.
Custom Baling
We provide custom baling at a reasonable rates to reduce handling and shipping cost for you.
We are able to formulate to your specifications and welcome both small and large orders.
Logistic Service
We have our own fleet of trailers and are able to drop trailers at your site to save you storage space.
Cross Docking
We can provide efficient cross docking service at a nominal fee, reducing your fixed cost
Quality Control
We are capable of performing quality control services to certify materials in a timely manner.
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